The Library

The ArtsLab library is a resource provided to offer the community access to some of the resources that the ArtsLab Peer Learning Community has found to be especially insightful. The library contains ArtsLab training resources as well as readings from other published sources.

This is a curated library, but one to which we invite all of our visitors to submit additional materials. We will review all submissions and add those found to be most worthwhile to the field. To submit library materials, please contact us.

Recent documents

Tools for Results Toolkit

We all long for those tips, tools and templates that we can adapt to our own organizational situations. The Texas Commission on the Arts provides you with a wealth of tools. More >>

Working Wikily Banner showing a spider map of relationships

Working Wikily

We are riding a wave of change created by social media tools and new networked approaches, which are driving a fundamental change in how groups are formed and work gets done. More >>

Federal Financial Compliance Requirements

Read up on federal requirements for financial internal controls, conflict of interest, and whistle blower safeguards. More >>

National Arts Index 2009

A breakthrough for the arts: The National Arts Index—a highly-distilled annual measure of the health and vitality of arts in the U.S. More >>

The Arts Ripple Effect

Supporters of the arts have struggled to develop a civic conversation that makes the case for robust, ongoing public support for the arts. More >>