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Catching the red eye to theater innovation.  A scene from their latest production.

ArtsLab is an in-depth program of technical assistant, training and development work on behalf of a cohort of 17 smaller arts organizations in Minnesota. The program will run between August 1, 2008 and September 30, 2011. The grantees have already been named.

If you are not a currently named grantee, there are several ways you may access the knowledge resources of ArtsLab.

You may visit our library, where we regularly add resources that have proved to be useful to our participants and our training experts. We urge you to check back often to explore what has been added to the library. Resources will be categorized under

  • Leadership Training (staff & board)
  • Change Management (planning & evaluation)
  • Business Management (finance, fundraising, audience development, human resources planning)
  • Operating Systems Development
  • As well as useful links

You may visit our newsroom, where we will post press releases and news stories from grantees, the Minnesota Arts Community, arts funders, and the national network of organizations engaged in building effective organizations.

You may explore event postings where we will highlight upcoming training events that you might find useful, related to building effective nonprofit organizations.

If you are a consultant working in the area of building effective smaller arts organizations, there are several ways to stay abreast of our work.

And if you are a grantee, you may log-in to access grantee materials.