Mission, Vision, Values, Goals

Signage:  Mizna Arab Film Fest

The mission of ArtsLab is to support a thriving regional arts ecosystem by developing the core leadership skills and management capabilities of arts organizations.

Undergirding our work are deeply held values:

  • Nurturing visionary, innovative artistic work
  • Encouraging learning organizations
  • Improving access to the arts; creating opportunities for arts and cultural engagement for people who may lack them
  • Serving as a catalyst to shape places of connection and identity within communities
  • Impacting community vitality
  • Embracing and valuing cultural diversity
  • Being a trusted partner and catalyst for change

Guiding Principles informing our decisionmaking:

Leadership: We will identify, develop, and broaden the base of effective, committed leaders throughout the region as the best means to achieve our vision.

Learning: We will continually build on knowledge we gain from our activities and engagement in the region to enrich and strengthen our work.

Impact: We will choose activities that have a high potential to achieve our vision