History: Pilot Project

Interact actors on stage

2000-03 ArtsLab Pilot Project

  • Launched in 2000, ran as a two year program
  • Funded by a five foundation collaborative
  • Eight Twin Cities’ arts organizations participated

Goals of the Arts LAB 2000-03 two year Pilot Project:

  1. Provide access to the most current thinking on issues relevant to arts organizations;
  2. Build upon internal knowledge and support system through leadership teams;
  3. Provide multi-faceted learning opportunities;
  4. Furnish opportunities for peer interaction, networking, and support;
  5. Provide access to general operating support.

Evaluation of this pilot project concluded that the combination of education, technical assistance, peer learning, and financial resources developed participants’ skills in management and operations and strengthened overall organizational stability. The evaluation further concluded that cash awards are better spent when combined with multi-faceted training and support.

While interest was strong in the program, for a number of internal reasons the project was not immediately renewed.