History: Current Program

Native woman with tree roots and arteries painting


  • New national scan of the field and a new feasibility study commissioned by funding partners
  • Findings suggest new phase of ArtsLab with focus on
    • Skill development in four capacities (leadership, adaptation to change, management and operations)
    • Responsiveness to changing community demographics
    • Work embedded in broader community framework
    • Multi-pronged, formative evaluation based on logic model


  • New, enhanced ArtsLab is designed
  • Funding for three years secured
  • Program mission, vision, values and logic model established
  • Arts Midwest becomes program host
  • ArtsLab Program Director hired


  • Program announcement and launch
  • Strategy Team selected and develops 3 year curriculum
  • Grantees selected, spanning
    • a diversity of art forms and services
    • Twin Cities and Northwest Minnesota
    • five ethnic/cultural as well as GLBT communities
  • Organizations complete on-line benchmark assessment
  • Individualized program begins with site visits / goal setting
  • Each grantee develops a Strategy Roadmap
  • Quarterly peer retreats commence
  • E-Newsletter launched
  • Monthly webinars supplement learning
  • Website becomes hub for grantees
  • Consultants and/or coaches established in all organizations
  • Advancement grants for implementation of strategic goals


  • Completed first full year and cycle of learning
  • Site visits and completion of year 2 goal setting
  • year 1 evaluation completed
  • model found to be sound; work to deepen in year 2, but no significant change of direction